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Thank You, Gabor Mate

I have now completed my four-year position as research assistant to Dr. Gabor Mate. I’m deeply grateful to Dr. Mate for his kind guidance and enlightening leadership, for the trust he bestowed in me, and for the opportunity to delve deeply into the research about the biopsychosocial impacts of our contemporary culture.

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BREADWINNER Is Available for Order!
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BREADWINNER Is Available for Order!

In this frankly narrated memoir, Leo Poulos tells incredible stories of survival and ingenuity, from escaping Communists in a small Greek village to the financial gamble of restaurant and property ownership in Vancouver, Canada. What does it take to become a hugely successful entrepreneur in a brand new world? The recipe, as Poulos discovered, requires equal parts insight and ethics served on a platter of plain hard work. It helps to have supportive family and friends, a hard-earned appreciation of food, and a bit of luck dodging death.

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3 Day Novel + Geist + Subterrain Reading!

Save the date! Reading by Carolye Kuchta and others! Saturday November 29th, evening, at the Brickhouse in Vancouver, for a 3-Day Novel - Geist - subTerrain extravaganza!

3-Day novel winning manuscript Moss-Haired Girl: The Confessions of a Circus Performer, A Novella by R.H. Slansky, will be launched in book form as will new issues of Geist and subTerrain. 

Hosted by Dina Del Bucchia and Sean Cranbury of Real Vancouver Writers' Series!

Doors at 8 p.m.
Readings at 8:45 p.m.

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